Revising the past perfect

The past perfect is a typical grammar topic in pre-intermediate coursebooks. For instance, English File Pre-Intermediate A2 B1 deals with this verb form in File 12A.

Multiple-choice and true or false questions are a quick way to check students’ understanding or grasp of some grammar areas. These questions can be delivered in multiple formats, such as photocopies, Google Forms or Kahoot quizzes.

Below you’ll find a set of 10 questions designed to test what students know about the past perfect. Some questions require students to apply the theory, while some others are more theoretical.

1. Which sentence has a verb in the past perfect?


2. The form of the past perfect is the same for all persons.


3. First, they took photos. Second, they shared the pictures that they ….


4. They …… the novel before they …… to talk about it.


5. When I travelled to London, I ……… the Big Ben


6. She ….. a delicious meal, but nobody …. for dinner


7. They were crying because they ….


8. …….. seen that movie before?


9. I ……… sushi before I visited Japan


10. In which sentence does “’d” mean “had”?