Reading comprehension

Kahoot can be used to check reading comprehension. The quizzes and questions described below can be played individually or in teams. Students may be allowed to read the text again while playing, but it’s probably better to discard this option and have students discuss the answer in pairs or teams instead, as answer speed is a key part of the game.

Most types of reading comprehension questions can be used in Kahoot.

The following examples are based on this text from The Irish Times.

1) Choose an appropriate title. This may be a relatively subjective choice, but we can write the real title of the text, or an appropriate one, as the right option and then create distractors that are related to aspects of the text but which are not appropriate or true as a title.

2) True or false. Based on general or detailed comprehension.

3) Multiple choice. Different variations / types:

  • One correct answer

  • 1 wrong answer

  • More than one correct answer (any correct answer awards points, students can only click on one)

  • More than one wrong option.


4) Match a statement or a word to a picture.


6) Choose the correct definition of a word from the text.

7) If several texts have been read, match a statement to one of the texts.

8) Match a statement to a character in the text.