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As teachers, we often explain the same grammar topics over and over again. If we’re teaching similar groups, one evening we may write on the blackboard the same sentences, charts and explanations several times.

We can use slideshows to present theory and basic grammar exercises, so that all we need to do is choose the file, project it and teach a grammar aspect. However, we may wish to vary the contents or the sequence we show in each session, and this is where a slide with a table of contents becomes really useful.

First of all, we create the slides with the theory, examples and exercises. Then, we add a slide at the beginning. We write the table of contents there and link each line to the slide we need. Each slide in the presentation contains a line or a symbol which, on click, leads to the table of contents. This way, we can jump through the contents easily.

See an example here (Questions)

The advantges of this type of slideshow are:

Efficiency: no need to copy theory on the blackboard or to give out photocopies.

Flexibility: We can select which parts of the theory and exercises we use in every class.

Availability: Students can see the material in class and then read it online if we decide to share it or print it out in PDF format.


To create this type of slideshows we follow one of these tutorials:

Tutorial for PowerPoint 2010 users.

Tutorial for PowerPoint 2003 users.

Tutorial for Impress users.

Interactive video tutorial (based on PowerPoint 2003)


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