An old pair of Levi's

Read the text and decide if the sentences about it are true or false.

An old pair of Levi's

$ 25,000 may sound excessive for a tatty pair of jeans, but the ones in this picture are not an ordinary pair of Levi’s. They are said to be one of the two oldest pairs left. They are certainly the most expensive!

Discovered last year in an old coal mine in Colorado, they were initially sold for $ 10,000 and then sold on again at a higher price. Then Seth Weiser paid even more for them. Co-owner of a store appropriately called What Comes Around Goes Around, he decided to contact Levi’s in San Francisco. “I sent them pictures of the jeans and they were delighted. They would have paid $ 40,000, I think!"

Levi’s has its own museum and Lynn Downey, the company historian, said “I knew this would be a treasure that everyone in the company would want us to have, so Levi’s agreed to pay one of the highest sums ever for a pair of old jeans.

Apart from a hole in the left pocket and frayed edges at the bottom, the jeans are in remarkably good condition for their age. Ms Downey was able to date them by their leather patch, which was added in 1886, and the single back pocket. A second pocket was added in 1902. She said “Perhaps the most important reason why Levi’s bought these jeans is that the company lost everything in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the first 50 years of our history was destroyed.”